A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created by team 2 "Men Bats" for McGame Jam 2022


Bat: Into the Darkness (of a Cave) is an endless runner game where you play as a bat exploring the unknown depths of dangerous cave! 


To traverse around obstacles in the cave, you must point your mouse cursor towards the position that you want your bat to fly in. The only way you can see your surroundings is by using your echolocation ability. To use this ability, you can either hold down the space bar or yell into your microphone (configurable in settings). But watch out! Your bat has a limited amount of air that it can yell with before it needs to take a moment to recover it's breath.

Enemies and Obstacles

In addition to the already dangerous cavern formations, there are many deadly creatures that live in this cave. You must be careful to never get hit by:

Evil BatsEvil bats will wander around the cavern aimlessly, but if one hears you echolocate, it will be sure to attack.
Evil Bat SwarmsEvil bat swarms will stalk you in the dark with their glowing red eyes. If they hear you echolocate, they'll surround you in a group attack.
Creepy SpidersSpiders will crawl down on a web from the cavern ceilings. Don't get caught in their fangs!
Hopping SnakesSnakes may look harmless at first, but they will leap at you as soon as they notice you flying through their territory.

You only have 3 chances to get hit by any of these creatures and obstacles before it's game over.

Good luck, and have fun!


Bat Into the Darkness (of a Cave) (Mac version 1.1).zip 44 MB
Bat Into the Darkness (of a Cave) (Windows version 1.1).zip 34 MB

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